Weekly Classes


  • Monday
  • 9.10—10.25 a.m.

    Rolvenden Village Hall, Maytham Road, Rolvenden, Kent, TN17 4ND

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    General class
  • 11.30—12.30 p.m.

    Benenden Village Hall, Benenden, Kent, TN17 4DE

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    Gentle yoga class

  • Tuesday
  • 9.00—10.00 a.m.

    Livestream Zoom

    General class

  • Wednesday
  • 8.45—9.45 a.m.

    Livestream Zoom

    Intermediate class
  • 10.15—11.15 a.m.

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    Gentle yoga class

  • Thursday
  • 5.00—6.00 p.m.

    Livestream Zoom

    Restorative and Pranayama

  • Friday
  • 9.10—10.25 a.m.

    Benenden Village Hall, Benenden, Kent, TN17 4DE

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    General class

Please contact me on 07766 222316 or yogahartley@gmail.com for Zoom log-in details.

Some things you might like to know:

  • Yoga is for everyone. Contrary to belief, you really don’t need to be flexible, fit or young. There will most likely be a class (gentle, general, intermediate, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs) that suits your needs. Please ask if in doubt.
  • You are invited to sample the first class for free. This way you can try out the class with no obligation and see if it’s for you or not.
  • General classes are all-inclusive, suitable for those fairly new to yoga and experienced practitioners alike. Options and variations are given for poses, with modifications and props, so everyone is within their own limit, making poses accessible. (And classes are relaxed and completely non-competitive so you need never worry about what anyone else in the room is doing.)
  • Intermediate classes are for more experienced practitioners. Poses are more challenging and can include inversions, backbends and sun salutations with variations.
  • Beginners’ or gentle yoga classes are for newcomers, or those coming back after a break and in need of a refresher course, or anyone wanting a gentle practice. We look at the fundamentals of posture, poses and breath.
  • If a beginners’ class isn’t currently running or you’re lacking confidence, one option is to book a block of private one-to-ones to familiarize yourself with some elementary yoga before you go into a general class. Alternatively, the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course is another option; it offers an excellent introduction to gentle yoga (and you don’t need a bad back to attend it).
  • If you sign up for a particular weekly class at the start of term (cheaper than a drop-in rate) but are unable to make that class sometimes, you are welcome to come to any of the other classes held on other days at any time during that term to make up the missed class.
  • If group classes don’t work time-wise for you, I also teach private sessions (either one-to-ones or small groups of up to four) from your own home at a time convenient to you.
  • If you suffer from back pain, you may be interested in doing the specialized Yoga for Healthy Lower Back course (www.yogaforbacks.co.uk). Please ask for more information; I can also let you know when the next course is starting.
  • Some of the weekly classes run in accordance with state school term times. A number continue over holidays but in a reduced capacity and often with a different time – so please ask if a class is on if in doubt.


‘Charlie has such a passion for yoga and that shines through in her teaching. Her classes flow beautifully, you feel challenged and rewarded after each class. I have been attending Charlie’s classes for a couple of years now and my yoga has improved dramatically. She guides you to challenge your mind and body leading to a deeper understanding of yoga.’

Jenny Sawyer, consultant, Arbonne International, Hawkhurst

‘Charlie’s classes always leave you feeling pleased that you have done them. The sessions are interesting and varied, with just the right amount of challenge, and the instructions are easy to understand. Charlie takes account of any issues particular people may have and tailors exercises to the individual. I think it is such a good thing for my health and am always so pleased that I have been.’

Sue Ford, Hawkhurst

‘I have been practising yoga for about 25 years and have experience of many teachers and Charlie is in my view one of the best you can get. She is a natural teacher and her classes are both energising and inspiring. I recommend her to anyone interested in starting yoga or continuing with their practice.’

Henrietta King, Sissinghurst

‘I have been attending yoga lessons with Charlie for about 8 years. Charlie is an amazing teacher. She is very knowledgeable, she can easily deal with people of differing abilities giving clear & precise instructions to adapt poses so beginners & advanced can attend the same classes and she manages to keep classes interesting & fresh every week. Charlie inspired my love for yoga so much that I became a kids & teens yoga teacher. I highly recommend anyone looking for a yoga class to come along and see Charlie.’

Hayley Sanderson, Kids & Teens Yoga Instructor, www.namastekids.co.uk

‘When I moved to this area, I struggled to find a yoga teacher with whom I felt confident and I could trust. I was delighted to discover Charlie’s classes in Rolvenden. She makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Charlie puts a lot of thought and expertise into each class but has no difficulty in adapting to fit in with the individual’s needs. I have been doing yoga for over 20 years but feel that Charlie ensures I continue to grow, both in body and spirit.’

Jane Livesey, Newenden

‘I met Charlie four years ago and have rarely missed a class since. I find that her classes make me think creatively about different yoga poses and have pushed me to go beyond what I am used to; so much so that we have recently started a new class in my restaurant. She is patient, encouraging & non-judgmental with students who are at different levels. Charlie has inspired me to practice in my own time & to use yoga to find calm in my otherwise hectic life! For me she is absolutely the perfect teacher and I hope that she will remain my teacher for many years to come. Thanks, Charlie.’

Vanessa Ferret, Bodiam Boating Station, Newenden

‘Yoga has been part of my life since my pre-teens, and in that time I have enjoyed a variety of different Yoga styles and teaching methods.

I have been attending Charlie’s classes for several years and would thoroughly endorse both Charlie’s teaching methods and the relaxed non-competitive environment that is created in the class with an element of fun thrown in!

The classes remain challenging whatever the level and experience of the student and are undertaken under the assurance and guidance of an extremely competent teacher.’

Julia Deane, artist, Cranbrook

‘It was suggested to me that I should try Yoga to help my breathing and improve my non-existent body balance. I was aware of Yoga but I had always thought it was for women – not men and certainly not old ones. Charlie was recommended to me by several people.

Initially I felt strange and apprehensive walking into a room full of ladies and was self-conscious for I had no idea what would be coming! No reason to be so – once you start you just do it and enjoy it and come out feeling better than when you walked in! Everyone was friendly which helped!

There was no reason to be worried for Charlie made sure I was all right and guided and kept an eye on me throughout (and still does). You forget you are the only male and are probably the oldest and just do it. It’s really super, would have loved to have done it earlier in my life rather than at the end of it! Certainly Charlie could not be a better teacher/leader. Yoga has to be recommended to everyone. As does Charlie.’

Ian, 76, GB Triathlete (75—80), Iden Green

‘Charlie has been teaching me yoga on a one to one basis for 8 years and I also attend some of her classes. Charlie teaches in an intelligent and conscious manner and through encouraging me to become aware of the subtleties of what I'm asking my body to do combined with her positive encouragement and great demonstration, she has completely transformed my yoga. Her teaching is grounded in her astute observation of me as an individual and she has the amazing skill of connecting with my yoga experience and how it feels, rather than how it looks. Yoga with Charlie is the antithesis of today's world of competitiveness and egos and is a fantastic blend of holistic practice – food for body & soul. Thank you Charlie x’

Helen Gorman, Benenden

‘Charlie has the ability to encourage positive change by bringing awareness to breath and posture in a gentle yet powerful practice. She helps me to concentrate on a very personal inner practice that leaves my body and mind energised for the rest of the day. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking to join a committed and friendly Yoga group. In our busy lives it is so appreciated to enjoy a mindful practice under the supervision of such a talented teacher.’

Caroline, Cranbrook

'I was introduced to Charlie's yoga class about 3 years ago having practised yoga for some years. It became evident almost immediately to me that Charlie stood out from other classes I had attended through her complete dedication to the practice and in her unfaltering ability to transmit positive enthusiasm and passion for yoga onto to her pupils.

Through her encouragement I have made steady progress and every class is a joy to attend. There is no pretentiousness and she is inclusive of all, whatever one’s ability. Her years of devotion, refining and improving, allows us the opportunity to draw on the benefits.’

Jo Humphreys, Super Legna, Hawkhurst

‘It's far more of a workout than I ever imagined – & I feel great after it. I have been going to Charlie's classes for several years & would be lost without them. I can feel my flexibility improving, it's not too late – even at 52!’

Sue Wood, Cranbrook

‘I suffer from a movement disorder in my neck called dystonia, which means
my head involuntarily twists to the right. Charlie is brilliant at adapting my yoga moves so there is no strain put on my neck. She has also taught me how to better focus my concentration during the yoga moves, which helps enormously with controlling my disorder.’

Lorraine Jones, manager of Benenden Village Hall

‘As a GB triathlete and gardener I find Charlie’s yoga perfect for keeping me supple and calming me at the same time! She has a wonderful manner and is always very conscious to encourage everyone whatever their capabilities and experience. I wouldn’t be without her.’

Jane Pendered, French teacher and Pendy’s Patch (vegetable gardening guru!), Smarden

‘I've done yoga for years with many different teachers -- Charlie is very special. For her, yoga is not a hobby but a way of being and it illuminates all her classes and practice. Charlie constantly progresses her own practice and shares most generously with her pupils. She has a wide breadth of interest in all types of yoga and integrates them while maintaining integrity to give you just what you need. Her classes will push you to be better, and most of all, bring you joy!’

Robyn Reeves, Tenterden